Hurray for Home!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful New Beginnings

Hello all. I'm sorry it has been so long since posting. Some of our Boston friends reminded us that we needed to post more. We have been to Boston for Hayden's post radiation checkup. I am pleased to say that his residual tumor (the parts they couldn't quite get out) has shrunk by 20 to 30%. This is amazing news! We are so thankful for all the prayers that have been spoken on our behalf the last 4 years. I know I mention this a lot but we really couldn't begin to tell you what that has meant. Dr. Liebsch was very pleased. He said that he would have been happy had the tumor stayed the same so for it to shrink and shrink considerably was a huge bonus! We know that we have had some exceptional Drs but God is a beautiful healer! Thank you Jesus for blessing us! We are so thankful.
We will go in a year for another checkup...we don't have to do anything in between except breath! Please continue to pray for Hayden to continue to get stronger on his right side. He is doing well.

Talk to you soon...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

post surgery

Hello everyone,
Hayden had his surgery today for removal of port in chest and tummy tube removed. The surgeon said he did well and Hayden will be a little sore around tummy tube area because the surgery was a little more extensive than first thought. Hayden is at home resting tonight it has been a long day for the little man. They had to be at Vanderbilt at 10:00 am and they did not take him back till almost 4:00 pm so he is pretty pooped along with Mom and Dad, Mason on the other hand is ready to rock n roll as usual LOL. Please pray all heals well and that nasty infection on his back goes away. The surgeon looked at it today before surgery and said he believed it was some kind of staph infection but should be covered with the antibiotics that Hayden is on right now for the infection. We are thankful for answered prayer for our family. Thanks for being on this journey with us, you will never know how much we appreciate all the prayers and comments. Thanks again.

Thankful beyond words for God's faithfulness,